Fabiana Campagna – Mr Bubbles Coffee Bar & Launderettes

Wasim is extremely knowledgeable in the domains of social media and was able to help our organisation increase their brand awareness and engagement among the local area. Wasim is a distinguished digital marketing professional and has access to a number of industry social media monitoring platforms. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Wasim and his company Sonic Social Media. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Wasim’s skills for those looking to increase their brand awareness and clientele.



Paul Mason, Writer, Broadcaster, and Film Maker (@paulmasonnews)

Wasim was able to help me gain a better understanding of the ‪#‎ThisIsACoup‬‬ hashtag, and was an absolutely pleasure to work with. I would recommend Wasim’s social media skills to any journalist, organisation, or research team looking to better understand social media data.

Olivia Crane

Wasim recently took time to advise me on how to use Twitter as a datasource in health research, and the ethical implications of this process. I had done some research on this topic before our meeting, and the top three or so results on Google had Wasim’s name on them – so it seems I came to the right person!

Enrico J. Wensing Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar, Columbia University, New York

It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Wasim Ahmed over the last few years. His expertise in social media research and analysis is very impressive. He is a creative and resourceful thinker who has often helped find solutions to obstacles encountered during the collaborative research process. He has a tremendous work ethic. As an interdisciplinary NSF funded researcher I am grateful he that he is a member of my collaborative research team and growing knowledge network. I look forward to working with Wasim over the next many years as I embark on various projects. – EJ Wensing PhD, Postdoctoral Visiting Scholar, Columbia University,

Alastair McCloskey Digital Content Co-ordinator at University of Sheffield

I worked with Wasim to develop a digital strategy to promote and raise awareness of the Data Power Conference 2015.

Wasim was fantastic to work with, and was able to quickly establish a strong Twitter presence for the conference through a dedicated account. His management of the account throughout the run-up and during the conference itself was outstanding – engaging with delegates, signposting useful information and live tweeting key points from the conference sessions.

Wasim’s knowledge and expertise of Twitter both in a personal and professional capacity is truly exceptional. He’s always aware of trends and issues across various social media platforms, and his blogs on capturing and using social media data provide unmatched insight.

Wasim would add a world of value to any organisation looking to improve their social media performance.

Neil Erskine Director at Easthaven Ventures

Social Media analytics is a very deep pool for the inquisitive. Wasim helped me find my way back the shallow end. He also introduced me to the networks of individuals in which he is an integral part.

We undertook a project to test if we could apply his skills to the journalistic intent of Byline.com and the articles penned by Wasim at https://www.byline.com/journalist/neilerskine/column

I look forward to seeing Wasim on completion of his PhD.

Nicolas Huguenin Co-founder & CEO at Visibrain

Wasim is rapidly becoming the one to watch in the domain of Twitter research. His work includes some very interesting data visualization techniques showing how news is transmitted on Twitter and how communities form, which lead us to get in touch and offer him the use of our platform for his research. He seems to have an innate ability to get to grips with complex tools very quickly and has provided us with invaluable insights and feedback since the start of our collaboration.

Gary Spence HSC

Wasim, is one of the best social media consultants I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to build a following on social media. Wasim is able to rapidly think of the bigger picture, and is meticulous in generating custom social media strategies. What separates Wasim from others offering similar services is that he is an academic; an expert with the social media research field. He has sharp analytical skills which allows him to think outside of the box, and he maintains high standards. He understands various markets, is connected to key influences across industry, and has excellent knowledge of social media analytics software.

Andrew Latchford

It is exceptionally rare that you come across a standout talent like Wasim. He was able to help several of my clients and colleagues increase engagement and impression rates on their social media profiles. Wasim has in-depth knowledge of social media technologies as his research area is within social media, and as he uses these technologies to promote his own academic work, he is truly an all-round expert. Wasim’s work requires him to focus on the here and now, and he is living in the present. Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Wasim. His ability to handle multiple projects is unlike any I’ve seen before. Everyone wants to hire someone who not only gets the job done, but who is also great to work with. I truly believe that Wasim would be an asset to any team.

Chair and Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences & Program Director, Learning Technologies

Wasim was recently able to advise me, in detail, how to locate Twitter data sets for an academic research project. He also pointed me to information on his own blog which has helped tremendously in outlining the methodology of the research. This information was very helpful; I would recommend Wasim to other researchers seeking to conduct research on social-media platforms.

Stephen Thompson – Head of Digital at University of Sheffield

Wasim helped The University of Sheffield find opportunities to better engage with, and understand our community better.

Through his extensive expertise in social media analysis and knowledge of a variety of tools such as NodeXL, he was able to provide a comprehensive report that included actionable insights.

I was impressed with the collaborative approach taken and how he introduced me to types of analysis and tools that I previously had no knowledge of. No doubt coming from his PhD in social media analytics.

Reports were delivered ahead of schedule and time was taken to explain the findings. A great way to work. I would recommend Wasim to any organisation within the Digital Sector.

Karl Swannie CEO at Echosec Systems Ltd.

It is my pleasure to recommend Wasim for Technology Consultation. He has worked with my company and has shown excellent communication skills, as well as being charismatic and articulate.

He has an innovative mind that is able to leverage new technologies to their full potential. He also is a very strong cultural fit with our team, as a consultant, and has contributed in significant ways to Echosec’s success.