Why use a network approach for social media monitoring?

Social media managers or digital teams may be faced with a number of questions such as:

  • How do we increase the visibility of our messages?
  • How can we increase the number of followers, likes and retweets?
  • How do we become top influencers around certain discussions?
  • How can we make some of our messages viral?
  • How do we gain actionable insight?

From a network point-of-view this translates to:

  • How do we build a network reach?
  • What divisions or groups are present when users mention our brand?
  • Who are the most influential people in the discussion?
  • What exactly are they talking about?

A key benefit of social media network maps and reports created with NodeXL is to bypass the need to read thousands of tweets and messages on a range of topics.

NodeXL reports  can be used for measuring and monitoring not only your own, but also your competitors´ performance.

At the highest level, a network approach allows social media managers to recognize that the shape of their crowd is different from the optimal shape, and use network metrics to guide the transition between the current and desired state.

What is the structure of your brand? Is the structure of your network polarized? Or is it a brand cluster? Figure 3 from Smith, Rainie, Shneiderman, & Himelboim, 2014 provides a guide in contrasting patterns within network graphs:


So, what does the structure of your brand look like on social media?

Get in touch for a consultation on how you can better understand the discussion on your brand, identify key performance indicators , and how you too can gain actionable insight. See maps that have been created by the Connected Action Team here.


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