Social Media Consultants and Analysts for Hire

Does you or your organisation require social media analysis? Do you want to locate the top influencers in a community? Or how your organisation or brand is being mentioned? Do you want to find out which Twitter user is most mentioned, what URLs are being shared, and what the most popular hashtags consist of?  Or do you have a specific research question, or are looking for a custom analytics tool?

We are a team of social media enthusiasts, with unlimited resources, processing power, and our network of freelancers cross-over many disciplines. We thrive to answer bespoke research questions, and we have worked with several high profile clients.

We have access to many software solutions, and are experienced in using a range of software such as Visibrain Focus, DiscoverText, Pulsar, Echosec, NodeXL, Right Relevance, and Twitonomy to name a few.

In regards to academic software we have experience in using Chorus, Mozdeh, and COSMOS among others.

We work closely with developers on an international level and are capable of providing bespoke analysis for your project. 

Members in our team have published many articles on software that can be used to retrieve data from Twitter, for instance, one of the most read posts on the LSE Impact blog of 2015. We regularly run workshops and conferences and gain insight into cutting edge methodologies and software that is available.

In our team we also have custom social media methodologies, and custom software.

We work with industry, not-for-profits, and security teams we have produced work for the government, and educational organisations.

Our analysis has also received mainstream media attention. We have published articles on the Data Driven Journalism Resource , and are happy to help journalists or news organisations better understand social media data.

We also work in conjunction with the Connection Action team and we are able to provide provide maps and measures of social media spaces to guide investment.

So if you are looking for a team of experts either for social media analysis or consultancy then contact us today for a quote:

Wasim Ahmed – @was3210

Sergej Lugovic – @sergejlugovic


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  1. Stu Shulman · February 22, 2017

    Thanks for the shoutout Wasim. You might also want to list your experience with Sifter ( as well.


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